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Healing art retreat with Amazonian Master Plants.


Healing art retreat with Amazonian master plants.

Join us to experience 8 days of deep introspective spiritual work with the Art plant.

Ceremonies,Plants diets, Artistic Workshops, holotropic breathing work, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and full conection with nature.

The retreat will be shared on two separate dates; 18th to 25th in May, and 2nd to 9th in June in the lagoon of Yarinacocha, Pucallpa - Perú.

The purpose of this retreat is healing, and to sensitize ourselves as human beings, recalling the power of creative and manifestation in each of us, learning tools to live in harmony. reawaken the artist in inside of us and paint with love our life!

Everyone is welcome! We are here to provide support and guidance through the this deep healing process. We will have group circles, and personal therapies where we will discuss the experience and process of each of the participants to be useful and help to integrate into our daily life.

This retreat will be shared by the Hummingbird family;
Juan Carlos Taminchi, Mario Michelena and Gabriel Jimenez family.

Juan Carlos Taminchi:
Teacher, Amazonic Visionary Artist and experienced guide in the way of the master plants.

Bendiciones Sonoras:
Mario Michelena and Gabriel Jimenez sharing Yoga, Therapies and Sound Healing.

The Retreat Includes:
4 Ceremonies
Plants diet
Personal consultations
Yoga classes
Sound Healing Meditation

Attendance is limited to a maximum of 10 people

Contribution: $650 usd

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